Moose Hunting

The Canadian moose is undoubtedly one of AlphaDog’s most prominent big game species. Both of our hunting camps hold excellent numbers and first-rate trophy quality. Our mature bulls will carry an antler spreads of between 45 - 55+ inches. We typically possess a high level of success (80% - 90%) with our moose hunts, no matter what time of the season we hunt them. Our rut hunts run from mid September through to mid October. Our guides know how to call and when to call, clients should expect that talking in a bull could take some time. We limit the number of moose clients each season, further ensuring we only offer hunts of the highest quality.

Moose will generally weigh in between 400-700 lbs quartered. We will ensure your trophy and meat get back to camp, for those not wishing to bring all the meat back home, we have a list of families in need that donate the meat to.

Moose are great single species hunts, or combo nicely with Grizzly or Black bear.

Any age or physical ability can hunt moose with us.

We book our moose hunts between Sept 21st and Nov 8th, please look at the bottom of our PriceList page for hunting dates that fit your timeline.

Because of our high moose density and diverse methods of hunting, any physical ability or age can enjoy these hunts. Hunt with the outfit the knows Moose!

We are simply one of BC's best moose hunting not wait to book your hunt dates.

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