Elk Hunting

Rocky Mountain elk are very plentiful within our area, and the restrictive 6 point rule ensures quality trophy hunts for big bull elk. The habitat is especially good and the access is challenging, further ensuring our world class hunts for the magnificent elk.

We hunt elk during the rut, with spot and stalk as well as calling producing the biggest bulls. Our guides know how to call elk!

We use horses, hiking, 4x4’s, boats, and just about any other legal means to ensure the hunt success. In addition, our tree stands can increase opportunity and success.

We have a high caliber of elk in our area with some giants going over 400! The average elk will come in the range of 300 to 360. Great cover, habitat, and genetics all play an important role. Here at AlphaDog Outdoors, we take a lot of pride I our elk.

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