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We offer hunts for Whitetail and Mule deer, as a single species or combination hunt. Due to the mild winters we have been having and recent government restrictions, we have great deer hunting opportunities. We hunt both private and public land, in a variety of locations throughout the guide area. We typically hunt our deer in the later season, this results in us being able to look over a lot more deer and choosing the right buck.

Mule deer have long been considered one of the most sought after big game trophy animals, and here at AlphaDog we can produce some incredible wall-hangers. Our mature bucks will range from the 160s clear up to 200 +, with both typical and non-typical antler configurations.

The Whitetail hunting is equally as good, or maybe even better then, our mule deer hunting. These northern giants have seen one monster recently tape in at 230 non-typical…..bucks like this are not around every corner, but the habitat and genetics are in place. A good average mature buck will go 140 to 180, and once again we see both typical and non-typical antlers

The southern portion of our area consists mainly of Agricultural land and cattle range, we work closely with land owners to ensure access to some of the best hunting spots. For anyone looking to harvest one or both deer species worthy of the record books book with us and see why only the most astute deer hunters hunt with AlphaDog Outdoors.

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