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We expect for our clients/friends to show up ready to hunt and have a great time. We will also need you to trust us, we know our area and the animals found there. We may change plans part way through the hunt, this is only to increase your opportunity. Also, please be patient, this is real fair chase hunting and it may take more then the first day to cut your tag.

You can expect to share camp with some of the hardest working guides in the industry. Expect professional guides focused on making your hunt a trip of a lifetime. In addition, expect comfortable camps and some great food. Also come expecting a mixed bag of weather, the Canadian north country always seems to surprise.

Our Mission

AlphaDog Outdoors takes a great deal of pride in who we are and what we stand for. AlphaDog is the classic big game hunting company that your dad and grandfather would have talked about. We could easily fit in the pages of a 1950’s Outdoor Life magazine. Our guided hunts are typically quite successful and we credit it that to our knowledgeable guides, our prime big game “Big” country, and of course 110% effort. We live in the area full time, we are not the type of outfit the packs up after the season and moves to the big city. On top of that; we are not the type of operators that book hunts and are never seen or heard from again, we are in the field along side clients and guides. For those hunters looking for a traditional hunting adventure, with a great group of people…..you have found it in AlphaDog Outdoors. We are among the best at what we do because we live it and love it. We invite you to come hunt central British Columbia with us, and experience and adventure that would have the old-timers talking.

TaxidermyAntler Springs Skulls & Mounts

In addition to our guide services, we also offer world class taxidermy. Whether simply shipping or life size mounts, we have you covered. 



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