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About Mike & ShawnADO is owned and operated by Mike Hawkridge and Shawn Murray and together they offer some of the most memorable outdoor experiences in western Canada. Together, they offer over 50 years of hunting and guiding experience. ADO is the result of years of campfire talks and planning, this is truly the duo’s dream operation. Mike and Shawn operate an extra ordinary outfit in one of the very best hunting areas in the province. This power house team will always do their best to over deliver. If it can be done in the outdoors, chances are these two have done it. For more on these two, check out the podcast and the youtube channel. Spending time in the backcountry with these two characters will not soon be forgotten!



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Both Mike and Shawn are avid outdoorsmen; hunting, fishing, trapping, camping……if it can be done in the great outdoors, they have more than likely done it. They not only enjoy the back-country for recreation but rely on the wilderness for their livelihood. Our shared thoughts and conversations are based on years of experience and know-how, but that’s not saying they are perfect. We welcome you to the conversation.

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